What I do (Good Morning & Good Night)

I have selected the blaring alarm sound on my iphone. It is an awful noise. When it goes off the sound is akin to marching out of Abercrombie Fitch with a shoplifted stack of cologned soaked jeans in every size.  I am jolted and rise off the bed, blindly pawing for the source to turn off the racket.  No snooze, just OFF.  Once accomplished, I settle back into bed and rest. 

I open my eyes again 5-10 or 20-30 minutes later and grab my phone. Gotta go in my settings and adjust the brightness, because it's too dark from last night's bedtime usage.  First thing, put on my glasses to check my gmail inbox, closing my eyes while it loads.  With one eye open I select all the Orbitz, Lifebooker, Groupon, Anthropologie, LivingSocial types and trash them before I see what my real emails are.  Crap, I accidentally selected "All Mail" again. Must now go into the gmail account to  "All Mail" to select and then trash those errant emails!  Back to the inbox, I scan the previews & see who sent it to decide which order I’ll read them.  I’ll flag them for later response if necessary. I have two other email accounts to tend to and I do. 

Next stop, Instagram.  What snapshots of other peoples lives can I look at and decide if I like and/or if I shall comment on?  What of my shots have people liked and commented on?  Shall I respond with something pithy, sweet or teasing?!  Seems like their relationship is going well based on these pictures.  Guess he or she is out of town again... Love those shoes. Super great that everybody else is working!!!!!

Then it’s off to Twitter, what are my @replies? My interactions & mentions?  Is a RT in order?  How many followers do I have at this moment?  How many followers does this person have?  Why is that?  How do I feel about it?  

Now for the news, still immobile in my bed I use the AP app on my mobile.  Lot’s of meaty bald caucasions doing bad things are featured.  Croatian homophobia has turned to violence, pilot suspected of girlfriend’s murder steals a plane and shoots himself in the head, ex oil worker razes a bar with a semi automatic...  Syria, Obama & Romney, a cat travels 6 miles back home, a cat with a stubby tail is a mayor somewhere in Alaska.  Shootings, shootings, child abuse, Olympics, Drew Peterson Trial, woman tries to steal baby, freed lobsters and some more shootings.  

I think of getting up.  Rocky, my dog is still sleeping hard.  His front and back legs are stretched out and he's snoring. Coffee would be good now.  

I repeat the above to see if something has changed.  Hmm, must update my apps.