Nothing For Once

Busy doing nothing.  

What about really doing nothing.  

What about quiet.  

What about clear thought that isn't a reaction to something. 

what about that.  

Nothing for once. 

Rest not for the lazy, 

not to avoid or to shut down. 

Rest that isn’t rest.  

Slow that isn’t slowing down because it’s all too fast.  

Everything is moving too fast 

and I can’t stop 

and I’ll die.  

I’m dying.  

I’m dead.  

Nothing for once. 

What is this election.  

What is stopping for this pedestrian.  

What is staying faithful.  

We do everything for the good of the many

in theory, 

but we do it for ourselves in actuality.  

How dare you. How dare you. 

Who is right in a war. 

Where do you stand on the Crusades. 

Just because that one is cast in white and that one in black... 

its so complicated that we must make it simple.  

A 14 year old Pakistani girl is shot in the head 

as she walks home from school with friends.  

A girl who speaks.  

Who speaks her truth living in the Swat valley run by the Taliban.  

A girl who just wants to go to school.  

There’s nothing wrong with being a girl who wants to learn.  

Yet a bullet traveled through her brain.  

You cannot fully recover from a bullet through your brain.  

Her name is Malala.

The Taliban promises another attempt to bring her to death.  

Would the Taliban do nothing for once?

I get angry when white, affluent, elected officials 

talk about food stamps and government assistance.  

It really rubs me the wrong way.  

Granted, visiting the projects in Minneapolis 

I saw a lot of people abusing that assistance.  

I saw problems with gambling, big tvs and expensive cars.  

We lived in the suburbs and we got food stamps.  

We needed those food stamps.  

We needed those groceries from the foodbank. 

Those donated Christmas gifts were very nice.  

My mom is a hustler, we never went hungry.  

Who am I tell her to do nothing for once?

I bailed on today.  

I decided early evening on Monday 

that Tuesday would be a sick day.  

A home day.  A sleep day.  I slept.  

I did nothing.  

I do not feel guilty.  

The heat rash between my thighs 

my shorts were too short for my long walk with Rocky. 

Looked up a cleanse program from Pressed Juicery.  

Don’t feel bad about it.  

I don’t feel bad about my body.  

I want it to be stronger, but it’s strong now, 

and I won’t be ashamed of where it’s at.  

I choose to end that war with myself.  

Stop making myself feel small 

because of how “big” I am.  

I’m done with that.  

I will do nothing for once.